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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Acrylic, and the Loss of Virginity

Michael Stipes lost his religion. I'm losing (my fibre) virginity.

As I have noted in the past, I am a self proclaimed yarn snob, and I only knit with natural fibres. A friend has asked that I make him a hat with a yarn that has reflective string running through it. I agreed, and discovered when I got the yarn that it is 93% acrylic, and 7% “other”. To add insult to injury, I'm knitting it on plastic needles, US size 17 (which give my hands cramps). But we do things for our friends that we would never consider on our own. Meanwhile, there is gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and wailing and lamentations as I surrender my natural fibre virginity and take up (and I shudder here) with acrylic.
This is Lumio, from Schachenmayr, a German yarn, and it really does reflect light in the dark. Scary. 

I've realised that this blog, while ostensibly a knitting blog, is really about my stash. I post more pictures of the yarn I've gotten (and which has disappeared in the cavernous bins that house my stash (and I feel that I ought to capitalise stash, thus, Stash)) than I post of my finished objects. Part of this is that I while I start many projects, I don't always finish them (thus the resolution this year to work on abandoned projects, and of course, to photograph them). And since most of what I make I give away, I don't always photograph it before I give it to the recipients, because it's taken so damn long to make it and I want to get it to them ASAP. And, of course, I'm all about my Stash. I am my Stash, and my Stash is me. Or in French, le Stash c'est moi!

I offer here a Work in Progress, or a WIP. This is something I started, for myself for a change, and I'm almost done. I have about 15 rows to go (and two more colour changes), or about 2625 stitches, not including the bind off. This is a cowl made of Malabrigo Mecha, the colours are Persian (the dark blue), Polar Morn (the light blue) and Cervas (the red). Except for the Persian, the rest of the yarn is leftover from the cowl I made for my cousin Alexa, seen below (the cowl, not Alexa). I am using leftover yarn, rather than adding it to my Stash (which is a Very Big Deal for me).  

And finally, Alexa's cowl, finished.

Done in seed stitch, as penance for my sins.

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