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Monday, January 6, 2014

Frogging for Fun, if Not Profit

My original plan was to make two Ameeta scarves for a pair of sisters. I worked on them at the same time, but along the way, made a mistake on the teal one and left it aside, concentrating on the purple one. Then I put that one aside, because contemplating ripping out so much of the teal one left me weak in the knees.

I just picked them up, after 11 months, to finish. I wisely finished the purple one first. Here it is, isn't it pretty?

Last night I frogged back at least three and a half iterations of the pattern. It's an 18 row pattern, so a lot of yarn got frogged. I even frogged past the point where I joined the second ball of yarn, so now I've got awhile to go before it is anywhere near done (according to my calculations, I have completed 12.5 iterations of the pattern, and the purple scarf took 28 iterations of the pattern before I bound it off). I picked an easy place to start anew, a row that is straight knit across. I frogged all the way to the row just before the all-knit row, and then put the scarf on smaller needles, and then tinked my way across to make sure every stitch is on the needle orrectly (because one of my talents is being unable to tell if a stitch is sittingon the needle correctly). I'll knit a row, and then finish this particular iteration of the pattern, rows 10 through 18. I think that my mistake was that I knit row 9, and then knit row 11, which caused everything to go all higgeldy-piggeldy in the first place.

I really hate it when that happens.

So, here is the teal scarf, before I tinked back all those rows. The arrow shows where the mistake occurred. But I've got 11 days to knit 15.5 iterations of this pattern. If I do but two iterations per day, I'll make my deadline. If I do more than that, I'll be ahead of the game. I'd been drinking hard cider, so I wisely waited until today to begin the Great Ameeta Re-knit. Because my gauge gets really loose if I've been drinking.

And that brings me to another point. I knit the purple scarf on size US 6, 16 inch, circular needles. The fabric is tight and a bit stiff. The teal scarf is being knit on US 6, 24 inch, circular needles, and the fabric feels much softer and looser. Both scarves are being knit with Malabrigo Rios, all four skeins purchased at Webs in Northampton. It make sense that the purple one feels tighter, since I had less slack than the teal's needles allow. I should have realised this from the very beginning. I hope the recipients don't mind. And if they do, well, there's nothing I can do about it.

Post Script:
I awoke early this morning and was able to knit one and a half iterations of the pattern, bringing me to 14 full repeats. Now if I can do two more today, I'll feel good about my progress. I think if I can get three rather than two iterations done each day, I'll feel better. It has to be done by Friday, 17 January.

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