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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Honey Cowl

Cowls. I'm mad about them. I've got three of them on the needles right now, even as I type. No pictures, of course, because I'm at an internet cafe, and the projects are at home.

I've got two Milanese Loop cowls, in different weight yarns, which were to be Christmas presents (wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!) and a cowl in Malabrigo Mecha for my cousin Alexa (which is about 2/5 complete). But then, on the Book of the Face, I saw my friend Dreux was making the Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh with his own gorgeous homespun. I must make this cowl.
This is Dreux's homespun.

And this is his rendition of the Honey Cowl.

That is knitting up just beautifully!

I, alas, do not have any beautiful handspun, because I suck at spinning. But I have a large stash, with an enviable collection of Madeline Tosh in DK weight. I have multiple skeins of several colours (because I am a yarn whore). I can make this cowl! In fact, I can make this cowl with the recommended yarn! The great thing about having a ginourmous stash is that one can decide to make something because one likes a pattern, and of course the stash will contain multiple skeins of the recommended yarns. Of course, now I have to find it. I know it's in one of the bins, but which one? That's the downside of having a ginourmous stash.

I am going away for the long weekend, and need to bring a couple of projects with me. This would be a good one.

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