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Friday, January 3, 2014

Non Monogamy: Part Deux

I have said in the past that I am a non-monogamous knitter. I have several projects going on at the same time. There are reasons for this. I usually can't fit a sweater in my backpack, so I'll work on that at home, and carry a hat with me when I go out. Or a pattern might involve a lot of counting: (k2, p2)2x, k11, and so on, that I really don't want to bring to my local stitch and bitch, since there are times when the knitting is secondary to the socialising.

I have decided this year that I am going to knit my stash, and, perhaps more importantly, try to finish as many in-process (read: abandoned) projects as I can. In fact, I've even made a Google spreadsheet to chart my progress in these on-going (read: abandoned) projects. I don't even know how many of them there are, but I have a feeling there are quite a few.

Right now I'm working on a pair of Ameeta scarves for a pair of sisters, one in purple, one in teal (the scarves, not the sisters). I was working on them at the same time, rows 1-9 on the teal, rows 1-9 on the purple; rows 10-18 on the teal, rows 10-18 on the purple; lather, rinse, repeat. Then I skipped a line on the teal, turning the RS into the WS and the WS into the RS, and I realised I'd have to frog about 20 rows. I've put the teal scarf aside, and am working solely on the purple. When the purple is done, I'll have a hard cider, and pick up the teal, rip out those offending 20 rows, and correct the mistake. My deadline is MLK weekend. I am being dilligent, and have already worked nine rows on the purple scarf this morning. (Did I mention we've had a wicked mega blizzard in Boston, and I don't have to go to work today? Guess how much knitting I plan to accomplish today? I'm finishing that damn purple Ameeta scarf today, if it kills me!)

Ahem. Right.

Other projects that are on-going (read: abandoned) are the Scarf That Never Ends (I dropped a stitch, and don't have a crochet hook small enough to pick it up, and I always forget it when I go to the LYS where I can borrow a hook); the brown wool sweater (didn't bind off enough stitches on the arm hole row, and need to frog back about 18 inches of fabric); Kristen's Milanese Loop (I made a mistake somewhere in the previous row of 224 stitches, and need to go back and find it and correct it); Siobhan's Milanese Loop (I put it aside to make a bunch of chemo caps); my blue wool sweater (which I put aside so I could finish all my holiday knitting, which I didn't accomplish); two iterations of the Noro Striped Scarf (which were boring the hell out of me, even the one I was making for myself); and probably other projects, if only I were brave enough to root through my bins.

As dear Queen Victoria said, when she was a mere slip of a princess, “I shall be good.” I shall find and finish those projects. And I won't buy yarn this year. Well, not much. I am looking forward to the yarn shoppe in Doylestown, PA when I go down there this February.

I can't be good all the time.

Dear Queen Victoria as a young girl. "I shall be good." 

Anne Taintor: I can't be good all the time.

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