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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five Things

1. I've been making progress on the abandoned projects project, having finished one and made a lot of progress on another. I have six more iterations of the pattern for the teal scarf to be done. As God is my witness, I am never making another Ameeta scarf again.

2. One of the things I've been thinking about, after Reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is about knitting in public. I don't do it very often, certainly not on the subway. Knitting on Boston's crowded MBTA can be done, it just can't be done by me. One male knitter I know says that when he knits on the subway, no one sits near him. Might be worth a shot.

3. Which isn't to say that I haven't knit out in public, just not on the subway. I've been seen knitting in various cafes around Boston, I've knit in public at the Prudential Center, and in the lobbies of hotels. I've gotten a few comments, mostly of the "that's so cool!" variety. When I was working on the double sided dragon scarf, I had several people come up to tell me that it was wicked pissah. Though they might have used a different phrase.

Which reminds me, I need to find the double sided dragon scarf and the various skeins of yarn I got for it, and finish it.

4. I have kind of realised that I don't like wearing scarves. So I'm wondering if a cowl might be better suited to me, because when we were experiencing the Polar Vortex my neck was cold.

But I didn't want to wrap my scarf around myself, because it gets all tangled up with my courier bag (in which I carry my computer, my book, and, of course, my knitting). So today I got some yarn and I will make myself a cowl. Malabrigo Mecha, two skeins of Persia, and some leftover Polar Morn. Lots of blue. Should be so very manly. If I had any photos of the yarn, I'd post it, but I'm here in an internet cafe and not really able to take decent (like any of my photos are decent) photos of the yarn.

5. I have five days to remember the safe place I put Libby's feather-and-fan scarf, which I finished last year but have yet to block. Well, I blocked it once, but it didn't work out. I sent her a text (since I'll  be seeing her next week) asking if she had a blocking board. She doesn't, but pins things to the bed. So if I'm not staying on the air mattress, I'll try the same thing. Well, if I can find the scarf. I know it's someplace safe, though

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