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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sacre Bleu

With apologies to Christopher Moore, who has written an extremely witty novel, also titled Sacre Bleu.

Blue is my favourite colour. I am often hard pressed not to buy blue things, simply because they are blue. About 12 years ago, a couple of friends and I were at the outlet shops in Kittery, ME, and I was buying some shirts. I had already bought about five shirts from various stores, and towards the end of the day, we were in one of the last stores. I was eyeing a blue polo shirt, trying to decide if I needed it. My friend asked me, “Ken, how many polo shirts have you already bought today?” And I told him I'd gotten five. “And what colour were they?” he asked. I paused, and said that all of them were shades of blue. “Do you really need another blue polo shirt?”

It is much the same with my yarn. I love blue yarn, and can't seem to resist it. I remember one day at work, I assessed what I was wearing. A blue shirt, blue jeans, and blue socks. I also had a blue hat, a blue coat, and a blue scarf. Only my shoes and belt were not blue that day. I decided then that I needed to be less monochromatic.

But still, I can't resist the siren call of blue, especially blue yarn. Some of my stash includes these blue babies.
This was some yarn picked up for me by my friend Claudia when she went to Rhinebeck, and I couldn't. It's Cephalopod, and the colour is Traveler, 100% superwash fine merino. I have two skeins of this, 280 yards each.

Who can resist Madeline Tosh yarn? I certainly can't! The colour is Fathom, and I have it in both DK and Vintage (worsted) weights. I know there are two skeins of the DK. There might be three (or more) of the Vintage. Two hundred yards each of blue merino, superwash yarn!

This is one of two skeins of Baah Yarn, 100% superwash merino. There's 400 yards each of this stuff, and this is the only yarn for which I actually have a plan and a pattern: Bigger On the Inside, by Kate Atherley (see it on Ravelry!), a Tardis inspired shawl. The colour is London Blue, and it is London Police Box blue to perfection.

Three different blue yarns. I have other blue yarns in my stash, but these three were sitting next to each other in a bin, and I was struck by how very similar they seem to be, but how different they really are. 

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