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Monday, February 3, 2014

Quarter Stitch!

I'm back in New Orleans, and that means, of course, a trip to the Quarter Stitch.
The last time I was here, the shop was on the other side of the street, so when I walked down Chartres, near the Cathedral, my face was turned to the left hand side of the road, looking for the shop, to no avail. I turned around, frustrated, and asked my buddy to Google it, when there it was, on the other side of the street, with a new sign. They'd moved! Oh joy! Oh sublime!

The store's new digs are a bit larger than the old, and there is an amazing selection of Malabrigo Rios. Colours I don't see in other shops back home seem to find their way here. However, I eschewed the Malabrigo (at first), and got some other stuff for myself. These two skeins of Noro Silk Garden will, alas, become the basis for yet another striped scarf. I need to pick an A and a B to go with them.

These two skeins of Mountain Colors, lilac, caught my eye. This stuff is something I cannot find it in any of my local yarn shops. The only one that carried it has since gone out of business, and so I am bereft of it. It's 85% merino, 15% silk. I'm thinking a scarf for someone, or maybe some hats.

My friend Jayson does not have any of my knitting, so I told him I'd make him a scarf, and he chose this. He likes red, and I think this will knit up prettily for him. I plan on using a 1x1 rib straight up.I even got some needles to get it started. This is more Mountain Colors, this is Twizzle.

Later, I went back to buy some Malabrigo Rios, to make a scarf for my friend Brendan. This colour will suit him well. Ravelry Red. The name tickles me.

It wasn't a huge haul from Quarter Stitch, but I promised myself I wouldn't buy too much free-range (or rogue) yarn this year, with neither project nor recipient attached to it. So I think I did very well.

One last thing, I saw a beautiful fleur-de-lys needlepoint pattern on the wall (there are four of them with backgrounds in green, red, purple, and blue). I was not able to photograph it, because the canvas designers have asked the shop not to let people do so, since then their designs could be copied at a loss of revenue to themselves (and which explains the weird angles of my in-shop pictures of the yarn baskets), but I am going to go back to the Quarter Stitch and get me a fleur-de-lys canvas, and learn how to do needlepoint. Because knitting and spinning (okay, I can't spin, but I have a spinning wheel and a drop spindle) aren't weird enough.

The Quarter Stitch does not have a website, but does have a Facebook page. The address is

629 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70130


  1. Came by your blog from The Quarter Stitch facebook page. I always stop to visit and buy yarn whenever I'm in town. They are a nice bunch of ladies that are willing to help you out. Yes, I too bought some Malibrigo - Rios and made hand warmers that turned out pretty nice.

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  3. I am technologically inept. Ignore the above.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up needlepoint. It's great, and it's been too long since I did any.