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Monday, January 31, 2011

Things Undone

Near the end of last semester I said I was going to catalogue my yarn (note to self: take pictures of the nine big bins of yarn holding stash), and I said I was going to get all my unfinished projects together to figure out what to knit next, and to move some of them from WIPs to FOs (note to self: take pictures of unfinshed projects).

Um, yeah. Well, I didn't get any of that done. Nope, none of it. My yarn lies in its bins, uncatalogued. I mean, I know what I have. Sort of. There's lots of worsted weight yarn for hats. In lots of really cool colours. I just don't how much. Or which colours. And there are skeins and skeins of particular yarns in bags (mostly from Webs) that are going to become sweaters someday. In fact, there are actual patterns in some of those bags of yarn. Then there is the bin that is full of yarn that I bought on my trip to Seattle in 2007. Some of it is one-of-a-kind-souvenier yarn. You know, one skein of hand-spun hand-dyed yarn that isn't enough to really do anything with (note to self: there are 2 skeins of self-striping yarn that could be knit together álà the Noro scarf I made for HM), or the skeins of wool I got on Orcas Island from the lady at the sheep farm (she even pointed out some of the sheep that were shorn for that particular batch of yarn). Then there's all the sock yarn. I, um, don't know how to make socks. But I've got some really cool sock yarn that would make awesome socks, if only I knew how.

I've been really good about not buying (too much) yarn. I'm only picking things up for specific projects if I don't have what I need in my stash (note of pride: the yarn for the Tychus hat was in my stash!). But gone are the days when I'd stop off in the yarn store on my way home and drop $150 to $200 on yarn that was pretty, and soft, and called out to me, "Buy me!" but with which I have no idea what I'll make. I'm on a yarn diet, and am only nibbling where once I gourmandised.
But be that as it all may, my yarn still lies uncatalouged and unknown, but not unwanted or unloved. Languishing in big Rubbermaid bins. Spring break is only five weeks away. Maybe I can get some of the cataloguing done then.
There: something to look forward to.

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