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Monday, February 7, 2011

Chemo Caps and Others

I have discovered another friend who has breast cancer, and is soon going to be undergoing chemotherapy. Which means her hair is going to fall out. And she is not sanguine about this. Don't blame her. I don't think I'd be sanguine about it, either.

So, I put together a couple of hats. One will fit her, the other won't. She can give it to her daughter if she wants.

This is the tychus hat ( The pattern calls for five iterations of the pattern, but I only did four, because it seemed large enough. My friend Harry, who sent me the pattern, blocks these hats, so he does the full five repeats. Oops. I've never blocked a hat before, and he suggests doing it on a balloon. How cool is that? So I'll try that the next time I make one of these, which will be soon, since I have another one on the needles. This particular hat was made with double stranded worsted weight wool, Cascade Baby Alpaca (the white is actually undyed).

The other hat I made is this one:

I'm not sure this will fit my friend, so she can give it to her daughter if she wants. It is made with Malabrigo Silky Merino (51% silk, 49% merino). I like the way the colours fall in this. Hell, I might need to make myself one of these.

Finally, a hat made for the second part of the Pushing 50 Party, or, Div School Reunion, in Cascade Pastaza:
Not sure who is going to get this, but it is soft and warm and I really like the boldness of the black and red together. This was yarn stash leftovers from another project. And I still have some of each colour left over!

I'm currently working on another tychus hat, and a Noro scarf for myself; however, this time I'm only going to use two skeins of Noro, instead of four, since I want a shorter scarf (I don't need another 6.5 foot scarf!). I'll post pictures when I've got more than a few rows done.

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