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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now is the semester of our discontent

Classes begin for me tonight. I'm taking three this term so I can graduate in May and be done with all this schooling. Seriously, this is my last master's degree. I mean it. However, because I'm taking such a heavy course load, I probably won't have time to attend Nine Inch Needles, the knitting group that meets on Monday nights. Sure, I don't have a Monday night class (Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings), but I expect the work load this term to be pretty intense, and taking a night off each week to socialise, while probably necessary, will be too expensive a luxury for me. I barely keep my head above water as it is when I'm taking two classes, and taking three is sheer lunacy. Ah, but there's that sheepskin in May.

Nine Inch Needles is an important social outlet for me, beyond mere knitting. It brings me into contact with non-librarian types, presents me with a larger world view (one can discuss AARC2R vs. RDA for only so long before one starts to short circuit), and anyone who has attended any sort of stitch and bitch knows how much fun it is to gather together with a bunch of other people who share one's strange fascination with making stuff out of string with a couple of sticks.

Along with being unable to attend NIN, I probably won't have a whole lot of time to get any knitting done. This makes me sad, since I really do love making stuff. But unless I intend to get up an hour earlier than I really need to, there won't be a lot of time for any real knitting.

I endeavour to remember that the end of classes is only thirteen weeks away.

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