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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reunion 2011, or, the Pushing 50 Party, part 1

Over this past weekend, I traveled down to Pennsylvania to meet up with some friends, to have a Pushing 50 Party, and to have a reunion of some friends who went to HDS with me. I hadn't seen Libby and John (who hosted the party) for about 2 years, and I hadn't seen Brad and Alexandra for about 12 years -- their girls are young ladies! I remember being at Libby's and John's wedding, where their oldest girl took her first steps. Our party was rounded out by Steven and Carlene (with whom I traveled from Boston), and of course, Jack and Soot, the resident cats.

When we decided to have this party, I thought to make party favours for all the participants. I made hats for Brad and Alexandra and the girls, shawls for Libby, Carlene, and Steven, and a scarf for John. I have other party favours in reserve for the second part of the party, which will occur in February, since four people couldn't make it down to Pennsylvania this weekend.

So, the goods.
Brad wearing his new hat, Cascade pastaza.
Alexandra wearing her new hat, Cascade Pastaza, as well as the really cool shawl made for her by Libby.

Grace and Maddy wearing their hats, Cascade Pastaza. The stripe patterns are different, even though the colours are the same.
Steven wearing his shawl. Plymouth Baby Alpaca. He needs to keep warm whilst doing his scholarly work, hunched over his computer in his flat.

Steven had asked me for a blue hat (Cascade chunky baby alpaca). I made a mistake and cast on 88 stitches, and the damn thing is HUGE. However, Steven has a fairly large head, and he likes things to be loose, so this actually worked out. Hooray! I made this over the weekend, and he was able to wear it home.
Libby knitting a blanket out of mohair. I don't have a picture of her in her shawl, or of Carlene in hers, or John in his scarf. However...

This is Libby's shawl (Plymouth Baby Alpaca), and me modeling it (yeah, I've posted this before).

This is Carlene's shawl. I'm bumming that I wasn't able to get a photo of her with it.

John's scarf, made of Blythe Baby Camel. So soft, I really want to make one for me.

Soot the cat, exploring Libby's knitting basket.

Jack, sleeping on Libby's work-in-progress.

The weekend was a resounding success. Lots of good food, lots of singing, lots of relaxing, lots of wonderful conversation. It was so good to see everyone that we're talking about having a yearly reunion every January. I hope we can  make it work. This weekend was the best tonic.

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