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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tychus Hat

My friend Harry suggested I make a Tychus hat (I keep wanting to type tuchus), a hat which is done flat. I'm not much on flat hats, since I dislike sewing the seams when one is done. Hats in the round are much better that way. But I saw the pattern and it looked intriguing, so I dug through my monumental stash (which I neither organised or catalogued over winter break--what? did you really think I would?) and found some black and some undyed worsted weight alpaca. The hat is in process now, and while not difficult, is challenging enough to keep me on my toes. I've already had to tink back several rows to correct an error. Yeah, I'm a process knitter, my dirty little secret.

Here are some views of the hat in progress.

This is the first half of one of the really cool V-patterns that create the hat. I've never knit short rows before.
This is the first iteration of the pattern, repeated five times, completed. Yeah, there's a tiny mistake, which I didn't see until I was much further along. I'm going to leave it, and call it a design feature.

The pattern can be found here:

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