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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Greater Boston Yarn Crawl, part the third.

There is so much I want to blog about, but not having internet at home has put a couple of road blocks in my way. There's the rest of last week's yarn crawl, the fact that I have moved six bins of yarn to a friend's basement, or the cool new book I received from a friend, or the frustration of hunting for needles that I know I own but cannot find, or the frustration of knitting several rows on a honey cowl, but seeing no change in its width, or the fact that my feather and fan scarf only needs 12 more inches before its done!

Deep breath!

OK, let's finish out the yarn crawl. We went to a total of seven stores on Sunday (and to two stores during the second and third days of the crawl, for a total of nine!). I really can't remember the order, so here is some of the yarn I got on the crawl

At Elissa's Creative Warehouse, I bought these two intriguing skeins. TSC Artyarns, a merino wool yarn that I think will be fun to knit up.
I also ordered some yarn from the Creative Warehouse, but they called me to let me know it will be a while before it comes in. Which is not a bad thing, since I have so much to knit right now.


At The Black Sheep in Needham, I think I fell in love. Several times. They have a really nice selection, and I got some wonderful yarns, a few patterns, and decided that their big door prize was the one I was going to try to win in the drawing (I've since sent in my passport cover).

Some beautiful Road to China yarn, by The Fibre Company, which is alpaca, cashmere, baby camel, and silk, is really lovely stuff. It is lush, luxurious, and will be fun to knit up!

What trip to a yarn store is complete without some Malabrigo Finito?  I'm thinking about a lacy shawl for the niece.

Black  Sheep was selling this little oddity: a zipper with a ball of yarn. You got a free pattern to make a scarf in one colour, then to knit the sides to attach to the zipper, for a zippered cowl. I have absolutely no idea if I will ever make this, or for whom, but it was quirky and I liked it.

This pattern uses Baah Yarn to create a beautiful cowl. Want to try it, it looks like a fun and challenging knit.


A trip to JP Knit and Stitch was fun, but a bit more disappointing. I hadn't been there in a long time, and their selection of yarns was smaller than I remembered. They are primarily a fabric shop, and it almost feels like they are phasing out the yarn. They do, however, carry Dirty Water Dyeworks yarns, and I was delighted to add this skein to my collection.
This is Clara, 100% blue faced Leicester. All 550 yards of it! I am really looking forward to knitting this up. DWDW is a local company, and I've seen their stuff before at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.


The final stop on the Yarn Crawl was Mind's Eye Yarns. Always a delightful place to shop, we called them en route, because we weren't sure we'd get there before the 5:00 PM closing time. They told us to come on over, that they'd wait for us. And so we did!
I got this wool to make a big heavy shawl for a friend. I think this will be the knitting I bring with me to the reunion in January. Well, one of the projects, at least! This is put out by Brown Sheep, and will knit up very nicely.

 This kit is one skein of Lamb's Pride, and another skein which I cannot remember, to make a striped scarf. Hugh has already cast his on, and I will do the same soon. Looks like a fun knit, to create a striped scarf with the stripes along the length of the scarf.

Mind's Eye also had the best swag! There was a tote bag with the yarn crawl's logo, and these goodies:
A skein of Cascade alpaca! 

This pattern, and. . .
 The yarns to make it! Kraemer Yarns, which I'd never encountered before. I wonder if I'll knit it up? I know at least two people who have recently had little girls, though this is more for a toddler. I'll think about it, though.

Finally, in our swag bag were these two skeins of CoBaSi (cotton, bamboo, silk) yarn by HiKoo (which does not seem to have a website). I've wanted to try this yarn out for a while, so here's the perfect opportunity!

So, this was the 2014 Greater Boston Yarn Crawl. It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Maybe I'll be able to hit up some of  the stores I missed this year.

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