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Friday, September 12, 2014

Finished Object Friday

So after writing an entire blog post (with pictures!), my computer decided to update everything and I lost what I had written. Since I wrote it Thursday morning, I have absolutely no memory of what I wrote (except that it was finished objects, and I was going to post it on Friday, as a Finished Objects Friday kind of post, as you do).

So, let's see. I finished Brandon's scarves, both of them. The first, in Mad Tosh DK, is Scarlet!

The second Irish Hiking Scarf to be finished. Just three more to go!

When I was in New Orleans, I bought some Malabrigo Rasta, which Brandon liked. For his wardrobe of scarves. Yes, I think I need to teach him how to knit. This knit up quickly, fat yarn on fat needles. A simple pattern of 2 rows of garter, 2 rows of 1x1 rib, repeat ad nauseum.
It's thick, it's heavy, it'll keep his southern self warm in our New England winters.

What's on the needles now, I hear you ask? What? You didn't ask? Cheeky. I'll tell you anyway. One honey cowl in tussah silk, that right now looks like death on a cracker. Needs a few more rows before it looks like anything a-tall. And I took that beautiful merino/silk yarn that I got in Provincetown at the Farmers' Market and am working a feather-and-fan pattern. I've done only three iterations of the pattern so far, so it looks worse than death on a cracker. Tonight I'll wind the Malabrigo Rios, in Ravelry Red, for my nephew's Irish Hiking Scarf. I like having three projects going at a time. Of course, it means I make no discernible progress on them a-tall, but it makes me feel industrious to have them going. As well, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and can't decide which one to knit at a given time, so I'll be sitting, surrounded by unfinished projects, unable to make up my mind which to work on. Such is the fate of the non-monogamous knitter.

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