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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Greater Boston Yarn Crawl, part the first

The Greater Boston Yarn Crawl is happening! Right now! It started on Thursday, 9/18 and ends up today. And I've been good, oh so good! I've only hit two stores so far and only gotten four skeins of yarn! Of course, I'm meeting some friends later today for brunch and yarn whoring! But I'll be good. Just like Princess Victoria.

Friday night at knit night at the Stitch House, I picked up some Madeline Tosh (what else?). Some fingering weight (Tosh Merino Light), colourway Moorland. That's green to us normal folk.
Okay, it's a crappy picture, but it gives an idea of the colourway.

I also got a bulky weight yarn called A.S.A.P. (as soon as possible, of course). The colourway is Vishnu. I think this will make a great cap.

Yesterday my friend Nicole and I made it to Craftworks in Northborough. It's mostly a gift shop, but has a small and excellent collection of yarn, which takes up about a third of the shop. And who should be there but Kate Bachus of A Hundred Ravens. I got some Hundred Ravens for Christmas last year, and while it's still in the stash (I don't know what to make with it, or for whom), it's wonderful yarn. So after I exposed myself to her conversation (Kate is really quite delightful!), I got some yarn.

The TYCHUS yarn colourway is Mockingjay. Again, a crappy photo, but one gets the idea of the colour.

And DANU: Oceanus! This green is so wonderful, and I already have a project for it. In fact, I have two different projects for it! There was only this one skein, but I was informed that I could order it. And so I shall. I'm really happy with this yarn, and am looking forward to knitting it up.

Today we will hit up more stores for the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl. I'll post about that tomorrow.

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