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Thursday, July 10, 2014

What To Take on Vacation?

I will be on vacation next week, and I've been agonising over which projects to take with me. Should I take the big, heavy sweater, made of bulky weight yarn, and which I've just completed knitting 18 inches of fabric on the back side? Should I take the fourth iteration of the honey cowl? Should I take the persnickety lace project which gives me fits and makes me want to cry (OK, not really, but I thought that sounded good)? Should I take the Irish Hiking Scarf, which is such a no-brainer that I can knit it in my sleep?

This is 18 inches of fabric, Lamb's Pride Bulky, 85% wool, 15% mohair

I'm taking the Irish Hiking Scarf and the Honey Cowl. It wasn't a hard decision. They're small and fit easily in my bag. I can knit them on the ferry to and fro, and I don't have to worry about extra needles, binding off or any other rubbish. Not such a hard decision after all.

The Honey Cowl, Madeline Tosh DK

During this vacation I hope to finish both these projects. This might not happen, because there will be lots to do, day activities, night activities and lots of stuff to do in between (and no, I won't bring knitting to the beach; I'd just get sand in it). But since I'm planning at least two more Irish Hiking Scarves, and probably another 9 or so Honey Cowls, I really need to get my act together and my knitting done. I might even add another Honey Cowl to the mix, in the lovely dachshund colourway, if I can manage it. I feel so much like Oprah: You get a Honey Cowl, and you get a Honey Cowl, and you get a Honey Cowl!

Some days are like that.

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