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Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Because You've Finished One Project, Doesn't Mean You're Done

I have finished the third Honey Cowl, in Betty Draper's Blues. While it is the most loosely knitted of the three I've made, I thought it was the longest, until I measured all of them. My mind is playing tricks on me.
I really like the way the colour variations are noticeable in this cowl.

These are all three of the cowls so far, in Burnished, Cove, and Betty Draper.

I'm pretty excited that there are now three of these that are completed. Only nine more to go!

So now that I've finished one project, I need to cast on the next ones. I've chosen this yarn for the next Honey Cowl, Mad Tosh Heuchera. This one will have to be alternated, one skein for the purl rows and one for the knit rows. This was bought at the now sadly defunct Windsor Button Shop, and I just bought all the Tosh I could get my hands on during their last days. I have no idea if these are the same dye lot or not, but knowing what I know about Tosh, I sincerely doubt it. But the colour variations are really striking within each skein, and I'm pretty excited to see how it knits up. This is kind of funny, since I've already knit three of these, and one would think I'd be kind of over them by now.

I've been wondering if there is anything I could make for John, who really doesn't need any more stuff, and who is married to a knitter. But just as I have the bee in my bonnet about the Honey Cowls, I have another bee about the Irish Hiking Scarf. I've finished one and have another on the needles. I found some undyed black alpaca in my stash (who knew?!) that I think I got at either a Sheep and Wool Festival or at one of the tents in the parking lot at a Web's Tent Sale. The yarn is from Donna Young in western Massachusetts, and is absolutely gorgeous, but there are only 300 yards, and I am wondering if it will be enough to make a cabled scarf.

A while back I found a single skein of Mad Tosh's Forestry colourway which I thought would make a great cowl for my niece, whose favourite colour is green. But I need two skeins, and there was only one, so I got it, and decided to get the second from someplace else. I noted that Web's had the colourway, ordered it, and while I understood they would be different because they were different dye lots, but I'm really surprised by how different they really are! This one will also have to be divided, one skein for the knit rows, and the second for the purled. But that's what makes knitting fun and interesting. Unfortunately, I cannot find the first skein of yarn, which I remember as being darker than the one I got from Webs. But here it is, just to see how pretty it is.

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  1. Really nice work! I love seeing photos of all your projects.