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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thinking About Busting My Stash

I've been thinking a lot about my stash, and ways I can bust it. Without, you know, giving any of my yarn away. I have looked over my holiday knitting list, and most of what I'm making is stash yarn (though some of it is new stuff, because I didn't have the right colour or something (like one friend who likes a particular colour, but is allergic to wool. I had the right colour, but the wrong fibre. So I had to get some alpaca)).

So, after all the holiday knitting is done, I could randomly pick one bin and knit stuff in there for a given time. A month? A year? A year, most likely. I couldn't finish more than a few skeins in a month. Let's be realistic. I love knitting, but there are other things in the world that need to get done, especially in the summer, and no, I am not bringing my knitting to the beach.

I will say I haven't bought any yarn this month (I think. . . when did I get that beige cotton?). Isn't that part of stash busting? Not buying yarn? Of course it is! If you aren't adding to your stash, then you're busting it! Of course, I cannot be held responsible during sheep and wool festivals. And I only buy yarn that I can't find locally. Really! That's not really yarn whoring if it isn't available locally, is it?

While I will have used a lot of stash yarn by the end of this year, I think picking a bin and trying to knit what's in it over the course of a year is a good idea. I have 24 bins. I am 53 years old. If it takes me, on average, a year to knit up a bin, that means I have enough yarn to make it til I'm 77. Clearly I do not need more yarn.

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