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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Well Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Oft gang awry.

I thought about all my knitting for the year this morning. Here it is nearing the end of March, and I haven't done any Christmas knitting yet. This is what I hope to accomplish this year:

New Projects
Five Honey Cowls (stash yarn, all of 'em)
Two Cabled Scarves (stash yarn)
Two Seed Stitch Cowls (need yarn, for two different cousins, probably Malabrigo Mecha)
One Sweater (already bought yarn)

Abandoned Projects on the Needles
Siobhan's Cowl
Kristen's Cowl
My Sweater (blue)
My Sweater (brown)
The Scarf That Never Ends (not really abandoned)

If I can pull all these projects off, it will be a major coup! I have all the Tosh I need for the Honey Cowls, I just need to find it (it's somewhere in one or two of the 21 bins!). The scarves will use yarn I got in New Orleans last month. And the big sweater for the giant takes yarn that I got when I returned from New Orleans. It's sitting in the bag, begging to be knit up. I think I will cast it on when I finish Adrienne's shawl. I like to have one project at home and one in my backpack, and sweaters get too big to carry around. I might take it to knit night, but mostly it will be done at home. Which means I'll be dragging the cowls around in my pack.

I am so close to being finished with Adrienne's big pink shawl that I can almost taste it. I'll probably get another 20 rows with the current skein, and then I need to cast on the final skein. I want it to be about five feet long, and I'm at about 50 inches of fabric. Then I need to block it. Eeep.

And because no post is ever complete without some pictures, here's some Tosh in my stash for the Honey Cowls.
Huechera, for Carlene.

Lolita, for Dolci.

Moreland, for Sue.

Fathom, for Libby.

 Not pictured, alas, is Burnished, for Alexandra.

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