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Friday, March 7, 2014


I am not a well organised person. Oh, I try to be. I attempt to put my yarn in zip-loc baggies. I attempt to put my zip-loc™ baggies in bins. I try to keep each Work-In-Progress in its own plastic bag, so I can easily place it into my backpack on my way to knitting, or just to have, because leaving the house without knitting makes as much sense as leaving the house without books. Or shoes. Or clothes.

But though I try to be organised, I'm just not. Looking around my room, I see odd balls, hanks, and skeins of yarn. Leftovers, not-touched-yet, still-in-a-hank, already-in-a-centre-pull-ball, labeled with a project, not labeled with a project, and free range yarn. Sitting on my floor is a bin filled to the top with yarn-filled zip-loc(k)edbaggies, because I cannot find the lid to it. (I can't lift it to the top of my Wall O' Yarn, either, thanks to my sprained wrist.)

(The most recent bin. All these yarns are from my trip to Seattle, purchased at The Artful Ewe. Now if I could only find the lid!)

On the night stand there are needles. Single needles, paired needles, circular needles of various sizes, and maybe even some loose DPNs. Oh! the humanity! There are stitch markers, waiting to be reunited with their various mates in their various containers in the bag that holds those sorts of things. There are patterns tucked between various bins in my Wall O' Yarn, because I mean to knit them up soon, like this week, or at least cast them on, someday soon.

It's not that I want to be disorganised. I try, oh, how mightily I try to keep it all together. But there are so many more interesting things to do than sit around and organise stuff. Things like, oh, knitting. And reading. And playing Sudoku. And hanging out with friends (time which I spend knitting). Taking time to put it all together isn't as interesting to me. It isn't as much fun, and let's face it, knitters just wanna have fun! That's what they really waaaaaant, is to have fuuuuun!

Ahem. Excuse me. I started channeling Cyndi Lauper there for a moment.

Like dear Queen Victoria promised, when she was a mere slip of a princess, I will be good. I will find the lid to this bin. I will gather the untamed yarns and place them in zip-locbaggies. I will buy a new bin to hold more yarn (though I'm not sure where I'm going to put it, because I've run out of room and cannot stack the bins any higher than they are right now). I will organise and be disciplined. And maybe I'll discover a few new suprises like I had last week when I found three skeins of blue yarn I didn't know I had. Maybe there's something really cool hiding under the disorganisation and that will make it all worth it.

Damn, I'd better get some fabulous yarn and hide it under something to make that last part work.

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