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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Frogging as a Way of Life

I think I have mentioned that I'm mad for cowls. I finally cast caution to the wind (along with some projects that are awaiting completion) and cast-on the Honey Cowl. Tosh DK weight, in the colourway “Cove” which is really pretty. I carefully cast on 220 stitches, made sure it was not twisted, and began knitting. I completed the four rows of stockinette. I began the pretty purl-slip (wyif, thank you very much) pattern. I completed eight rounds of the pattern (plus the four rows of stockinette) and realised that I had mobiused the damn thing.

Rip it. Rip it. Rip it.

Let the frogging begin.

Okay. The frogging is done. I even managed to undo the carefully twisted knitted cast-on I had done. I managed to do this without knotting it, without having to cut it, and with out swearing (too much). Well, I reckon if I enjoyed working on it the first time, I'll enjoy it just as much the second.

Besides, I think I messed up the second row of purl-slip (wyif, thank you very much) and purled two stitches in a row, thus making a major (well, small major, but not really minor) balls-up. But it's all frogged now, and I don't have to worry about it.

I would do well to remember that I do have other projects waiting for completion, and casting-on something new is really quite naughty of me. But alas! I cannot find my copy of the Milanese Loop pattern, and I don't have a printer, and though I printed it at a friend's house, I forgot it, so of course I can't work on that. And I still have to start Adrienne's shawl, but I can't decide on a pattern, so six skeins of bulky alpaca, in light pink, are sitting in a bag, staring at me reproachfully.

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