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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Cavalcade of Cowls

Many years ago, a friend told me that when there are three or more soup tureens on a table it is called a Cavalcade of Tureens. Who knew? I'd like to showcase my Cavalcade of Cowls.

All of these are made with Malabrigo Mecha (which means "single ply" in Uruguayan Spanish). I often had some leftover yarn, and sometimes used it in the subsequent cowl. The colours include Polar Morn, Persia, Cereza, and Lotus.

The first is Peggy's Cowl.
Polar Morn and Lotus

The second is Alexa's.
The colours are Polar Morn and Cereza. I can never be accused of not running with an idea.

This is my much beloved cousin Alexa modeling her cowl.

My cowl.
The colours are Persia, Polar Morn, and Cervaza. I used the left overs from Alexa's cowl, and got the darker Persia for mine and I am so very happy with it! I like wearing it more than a scarf, and it doesn't get caught in the strap of my courier bag (which is really a Timbuk2 bag).

My friend Alexandra took the next two pictures, while I was working on Alexa's cowl.

The Shakers used to say, "Hands to work, and hearts to God."
My own more secular version is, "Hands to work, and knitted warmth to my beloved community."

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