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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stop Me Before I Yarn Again

I attended the stitch and bitch at my LYS the other day, as I usually do on Friday nights. They had just gotten in their latest shipment of Madeline Tosh. An entire table covered, chest-high, with Tosh Vintage. Another table was covered with Tosh sock yarn and DK. And Tosh pashmina and prairie in baskets. In other words, a plethora of Tosh. I have to say that this lot's colours mostly looked fantastic. The Fathom was great, the Betty Drapers Blues was awesome, and the Tart made me want to make something in red for a change. The Terra, though, was more orange than terra cotta.

However, like dear Princess Victoria, I was good. Even though I wanted to buy it all and roll around naked on it when I got it home.

Of course, this morning I saw a notice from Juniper Moon Farm that there are still openings for their Cormo CSA, full shares for $175 and half shares for $87.50. I don't know if I can be that good. Yarn CSAs really rock my stripy socks, and I am too late to participate in the one from Foxfire Fiber. I have gotten CSA yarn from Juniper Moon before, and it's excellent stuff. What to do? What to do? Because I can't be good all the time.

In other topics, my friend Janet noted on the Book of Face that she has cast on the Honey Cowl, with Tosh Pashmina. I really want to make that cowl for my friend Dolci, and I have the yarn in my stash in the right colour (which means raiding my stash, and that's hard for me to do). But I noted in a comment to Janet that I have too many other projects in front of it, and that I feel rather like an airport with too many incoming flights circling, and too few runways for them to land. If only I had unlimited time to knit. If only I didn't have to work, or cook, or eat, or sleep.

On the needles, an abandoned project that I've just picked up again. The Scarf That Never Ends, in laceweight Rooftop yarn (merino superwash), 1000 stitches cast on; I've not touched this in over 18 months. All knit stitches on tiny needles.

Someday, somehow, this well get done.

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