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Sunday, April 24, 2016


Since I finished knitting Death of the Moon, I have been wondering how to weave in all the loose ends. On most rows there is a yarn over after the first three stitches, so those ends don't have a lot of space for weaving, and some of those stripes are only two rows wide. I hied myself over to Bornside Yarns (which is literally a block from my house), and asked Miss Betty for advice. She advised not crossing the yarn over into the main body, which was also my original thought.

Miss Betty and I got to talking about various yarns we like to use for making sweaters, cardigans vs. pullovers, and when sweaters are best worn in New Orleans (honestly, I'm not going to need my heaviest sweater in this town, because the winters are neither long enough nor cold enough). I mentioned that I like Rowan's British Sheep Breeds yarn, which are in a bulky weight and come undyed. I have in my stash some of the Black Welsh and some of the Jacob, enough to make a couple of sweater-vests for myself, and maybe even some Blue Faced Leicester. When Stitch House decided to discontinue carrying them, I bought almost the entire stock, because it was on 50% sale.

Miss Betty mentioned that when the contractor her son uses lost his mother, he gave her a couple of bags full of yarn. She had made something for the contractor with that yarn, but she still had a bag with 12 skeins of bulky weight yarn in it that she didn't know what to do with. Would I like it? Is that a rhetorical question? So I came home with a bag full of beautiful yarn. So what did I get? The yarn is Jaeger Natur Garn, made in Great Britain. It is 100 grams of pure 100% virgin wool. There is no indication of how many yards or metres, but if it is 100 metres, then it's about 109 yards. That's enough to make a sweater. It could probably be used with Lamb's Pride bulky if I wanted to add stripes or colour work. I think it will be fun to knit with.

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