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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

I took the baby out of the corner yesterday, because nobody puts baby in the corner. It was such a great day out, that I sat out in my back courtyard (we don't have a real yard, just a cemented-over section with a table and some chairs, and lots of plants; it means the grass doesn't ever need to be cut), and in the glorious bright shade, got back to work on Death of the Moon. Because either my eyes are failing (damn you, middle age!) or the colour of the light in our living room is just wrong, the green yarn and the green needles look almost exactly the same. When I got this baby outside, I wondered why I ever thought the two shades of green looked even remotely similar. Says something about electric light.

The pattern is written in sections of ten rows each, so I finished up section seven, going from 302 stitches to 338 stitches. It dawned on me, when I was halfway through section 4 that the colours I'd chosen were those of Slytherin House, from the Harry Potter books. I had a thought last night while I was putting my other knitting to bed, why not make four of these shawls, one each in the House colours. So Gryffindor would be Red and Gold; Ravenclaw would be Blue and Bronze (book colours, not movie colours, which were Silver and Blue); and Hufflepuff, Yellow and Black. I myself am a Ravenclaw, according to the website Pottermore.

Later that same day. . . .
I spent about three-and-a-half hours out in the courtyard today, and completed section 8, While I was knitting, a small green lizard jumped onto the patio, walked a few steps, ate a bug, and turned around. It looked at me for a bit, then disappeared into the leafy undergrowth beneath a tree. It looked something like this.
I did not take this picture, but found it on the Internet.
The next two sections coming up are all green yarn, no grey at all (or all colour B, and no colour A). I might take it to knitting with me tomorrow afternoon and sew in what lose ends I have, since they are annoying me. I'm really liking this colour combination, Salazar Slytherin be damned. Now I'm trying to decide if I should give it to someone, or if I should keep it for myself? Not my usual colour choices (there's no blue!).

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