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Monday, May 2, 2016

Finished Objects!

Finished Objects! Either something I recently finished, or recently blocked. I love finishing things. One of them was a UFO floating around for a while, but I grabbed it by the balls by the needles and manfully finished it! Which reminds me of a book in my library. . . .

The Manly Art of Knitting, by Dave Fougner. My friend Joe sent me a copy of this book, and it includes patterns for knitting a hammock, using the handles of two shovels and rope of a certain gauge. I haven't tried it yet, but it does intrigue me, and it's available on Amazon for not all that much money.

For my friend Dolci, I knit a cowl/hood made from yarn purchased at the NHS&W Festival in May, 2015, from Jan Marek Raczkowski, who does not have a website, but who produces some of the most gorgeous yarns I've ever seen. The picture does not do justice to the colour, a variegated lilac. The pattern is an adaptation of feather and fan, and worked out well (in my humble opinon).

In this detail, one can see a better representation of the colour. 

Using Malabrigo Rios, in Teal Feather and Purple Mystery, I made the New Bittersweet Cowl for my friends Maddy and Gracie.

In these details one can see how the New Bittersweet Cowl looks. I think these details work better than the photos of the full cowls. They really stretched, almost double, when I blocked them. I'm really pleased with them.

The final FO is a cowl I made with yarn picked up on the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl* of 2014. It was a kit from Mind's Eye, with a pattern for a striped scarf. I offered to make it for my friend Corey, but he decided he wanted a cowl instead. So I cast on using circular needles and joined, being careful not to twist. I changed the yarn every two rows, knitting the first, purling the second. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride and something quite variegated that I can't remember.
It's pretty and reads as purple when seen from a distance, since the Lamb's Pride was a very rich purple colour. I hope he likes it. I had put it aside for a while because it was a bit boring to knit, but now that I'm in a house with a television, I don't mind this sort of thing anymore.

That concludes Finished Objects. I hope you enjoyed this tour. I've got more to block and more to knit. And if I'm lucky, I'll be casting off something very soon!

*Please note that this is the website for the GBYC of 2015; there is no website as of yet for the Yarn Crawl of 2016.

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