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Monday, April 11, 2016

Knitting it a Second Time (because the first time was so much fun!)

I spent very little time knitting this past weekend, since it was the French Quarter Festival, and I wanted to see and hear lots of music. While there were more than 15 stages set up throughout the Quarter, local street musicians were also playing, and I heard several that were very good indeed.

Jo-el Sonnier was at the Cajun and Zydeco stage, and he was rockin' that accordion like nobody's business. The woman to his right was a helluva fiddle player, and I really enjoyed this show.

This is one of the local street performers did not have a sign with his name, but he was playing some awesome fiddle, too.

This local band, while a bit scruffy looking, was making awesome music. I didn't get their name, but if I see them again in the Quarter, I'll be sure to pick up their CD.

There were other performers, both official and on the corners, who really made it a wonderful weekend. I had a terrific time, but got very little knitting done. About two rows on Saturday and another two on Sunday.

Which leads me to reflect on what happened today. I met a friend to knit at a cafe, and I did Row 5 of the Section 11 of the Death of the Moon pattern. This involved some cabling, and since we were sitting outside in the humidity, I found it a bit oppressive, and was knitting very slowly. I started Row 6, and misread the instructions, and did a yarn over (cue Ominous Music). The yarn over will not affect the current row, but will affect the next, since things won't be quite lined up. So this evening or tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to tink back about 440 stitches. All my careful counting for naught. I suppose that the attitude I should take is that I enjoyed knitting this row so much the first time, that I can enjoy knitting it a second time! Woo-hoo!

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