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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thanks for Asking

I'm kind of all over the place today.

I finished Jayson's Irish Hiking Scarf this morning. It's beautiful, though still needs to be blocked. I will try to wet block it, my experience with Adrienne's alpaca shawl notwithstanding, because the scarf is Tosh and is superwash merino (colourway is Fathom). I think it's gorgeous, but I've encountered that standard Tosh problem, that skeins from the same bag are not necessarily the same dye lot. I can see a slight variation in the colour between the first and second skein (I had started it before I knew that Tosh dyes yarn in three-skein lots, and puts more than one dye lot into a bag). However, I don't think a non-knitter will notice it. I am also determined to always knit Tosh with both skeins simultaneously.

The colour differences are glaringly obvious to me, but I don't think a non-knitter would notice. 

This is the scarf, unblocked. I'm looking forward to blocking this and letting the cables open up.

With the completion of this scarf, I've now completed two of the twenty-one projects I want to get done by Christmas (well, with three of them I have until MLK weekend in January). I'll see Jayson in July so I'll just give it to him then.

I bought more yarn on sale, Rowan's Purelife British Sheep Breeds. This is Black Welsh (though it is decidedly brown!). It's a bit rough and scratchy, and smells wonderful! I got seven skeins to make a vest for myself (why should my friend Steven have all the good stuff?). Of course, I never get around to knitting things for myself. What's up with that?

Rowan's Purelife British Sheep Breed yarns are such joy to knit.

If you look closely, you can see wee bits of bracken and grass in the yarn. I love that! Even though I pick it out as I knit, it reminds me that this is an organic material, that was sheared off the body of a living creature, and is not synthetic or artificial, and not made from petroleum products.

Bracken and grass and stuff.

Why, yes, I am a yarn snob. Thanks for asking.

Before going off to Knit Night at my LYS, I stopped by the Museum of Fine Arts to see Norman Rockwell's The Rookie (Red Sox Locker Room). I have never been a fan of Rockwell, having only seen reproductions of his covers for The Saturday Evening Post. I always considered him more of an illustrator than an artist.But now I think I need to reassess that opinion. I was really taken by the painting, even though I found the portrayal of the rookie to be a bit hokey. I'm very glad I made the trip to see the painting before I went off to knit.

Why, yes, I am a Red Sox fan. Thanks for asking.

Tonight my LYS is hosting a Men's Knit Night. They do this a few times a year, and anywhere between six and ten men show up. Some of us are regulars on Friday nights, but some of the guys only show up for these occasional events. The women at Friday often ask what we talk about "with just the guys present," but really, nothing special. It's not all that exciting. No one is modeling his willy-warmer, or talking about the best techniques for knitting a jock strap. It's just a bunch of guys, knitting. I always enjoy it, and I have to admit, the energy is different when it's just men in the group. Maybe one of these days I need to try out a men's knitting retreat.

Why, yes I am a man who knits. Thanks for asking.

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