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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Moth Damage, Replacement Yarn, and Qiviut

I was thinking about writing a WIP Wednesday post, but seriously, who wants to look at another fucking honey cowl? So I'll carry on about moths.

I had moths in one of my bins. They destroyed about $400 or more of yarn, including a vest I'd made for a friend for his 50th birthday (I was redoing the neck line for him, since he has a large head, and I'd not left a big enough neck hole). So after not dealing with the moths for a month, I took the bin outside and went through each bag of yarn in it. It was worse than I'd thought, and nothing was salvageable. And I know exactly where the little bastards came from, too. I'd bought some yarn at Webs a few years ago, and put the yarn in a basket in my old apartment. When I moved, I saw all the yarn dust at the bottom of the basket, but couldn't see any larvae, nor were there any moths in the house. So I dumped it all in a bin (stupid, stupid, stupid), along with some other yarn. I have rued the day.

So I have to make a new vest for my buddy, so I got some yarn on sale (half price!) the other day. Six skeins of Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds. This yarn is Dark Grey Welsh. It's lovely!

It's undyed, and doesn't smell of mordant. It does have a lovely sheepy smell to it, and I can't wait to knit it up!

My friend Kim bought some qiviut from Springtide Farm, and she didn't use it all. She sent it to me, along with some cashmere. There isn't enough qiviut to really do anything with it, but maybe put an edge on a collar or some such.

Qiviut, Springtide Farm

Cashmere, Springtide Farm

I'm looking forward to knitting with these. The qiviut really is a princely gift.

Finally, even though the blocking left me less than satisfied with the ashes-of-roses shawl, after it dried fully, it looked really good. I gave it to Adrienne this past weekend, and she loved it. This is the picture she sent to me of her modeling it for me.

She is really quite lovely, and the shawl looks wonderful on her! I'm pleased with it, even though it did not match my original vision. Sometimes we have to let go of the original vision, and work with what is in front of us.

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