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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blocking Jitters

I blocked a lace scarf today. I did it in a way that I've never done before, by soaking. My normal way to block stuff is to put the blocking wires in, spritz it lightly with water, and pin it. Let it dry, and Lo! I've got a blocked garment that looks good. I've blocked this particular scarf twice, and each time it came out not looking as good as I wanted it to. So I asked Claudia, the maven, how best to block, and she said place it in tepid water til it is thoroughly soaked, gently squeeze out the water, and roll in a towel, run the wires, pin, and let dry.

The soaking silk thing kinda freaked me out.

Even so, I did it. The water in the bowl was dyed blue, there was a blue streak in the towel, but it seems to have worked. Since it's pure silk, I was afraid soaking it would turn the scarf into a tent, or maybe a very long chuppah.

Here it is, all pinned to the blocking board. I also ran the blocking wires through it.

A close up taken while it was drying.

I have to admit, this technique actually worked, and when I removed it from the board, it was perfectly blocked. Now I need to send it to Libby, and she's been waiting for it for over a year!

Cue up Etta James, singing, At last!

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