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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ithaca or Bust!

I just found out my niece is going to Ithaca College next year, Class of 2018. I'm very excited about this. Ithaca, however, is in the snowbelt, and my niece is going to need some nice wooly things to keep her warm. So I've added her to the cowl list. And maybe a scarf as well. And I'm thinking at some point a lacy shawlette to keep her neck warm in the wind. Planning what one is going to knit is almost as much fun as the actual knitting!

Amidst all the various projects I have on the needles, the two I'm focusing on these days are the honey cowl in cove, and the Irish Hiking Scarf in fathom. I am done with the first skein of the fathom, and really looking forward to blocking this scarf, since it will make the cables pop, and widen it out a bit. Right now it's more of a alb than scarf. Since realising the colour differences between the two skeins of cove for the cowl, I've been less inclined to work on it, since I'm not getting any of the pretty teal highlights that I got from the first skein. But I'll finish it and start the next. I need to check my stash to see if I have any of the colourway Cousteau, for my niece's cowl. Her favourite colour is green, and I think she'd like the Cousteau. Plus it is named after one of my boyhood heroes, so I'll enjoy working with it.

Today I have to finish weaving in the ends of the gradient cowl I started and finished so long ago. So many ends! Why didn't I knit them into the body of the cowl? O spite! O hell! But I'm going to see the recipent tomorrow so I'd better get my arse in gear and get it done.  

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