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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Living Dangerously

While Christmas knitting is very important (almost half way through two Honey Cowls; wonder if it would go faster if I only knit one of them at a time?), I also promised my friend Jayson a scarf, and I will be seeing him in July. So because I was bored with honey last night, I cast on an Irish Hiking Scarf for him, in Tosh Vintage, using Fathom as the colourway. That shit's intense! Even though I've only got about an inch of fabric so far, the colour is so rich, so intense, so burn-your-eyes-out-blue! I love it! Now I have to make something for myself in the same colour.

I had originally thought to make him a scarf using this yarn,

which is Mountain Colors, colourway "Twizzle". Both Jayson and I thought it would knit up mostly red, but I did a test swatch and it was mostly rainbow. It was trés gai, but not what Jayson wanted. I asked if he liked blue, and he was excited, because it would match his eyes. Well, he is southern.

It's knitting up pretty tight (I tried it on US 7, but I didn't like it, this is on US 6), but it will block up a bit wider and that will even the stitches out. I know that blocking is not the panacea that many people do, but I know that it will stretch a bit when wet and pinned.

One of the reasons I like the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern (search for it on Ravelry) is because it's an 8 row repeat, and if you pay attention to the knits and purls, you can memorise it easily. And this time I'm trying to live dangerously.

I am not using stitch markers!

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