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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plans for Knitting in the New Year

The new year came in with a bang and I had vowed to myself to be more on top of posting here. Unfortunately, my computer decided to go belly-up on New Year's Day. I am currently using a friend's. So while I am sans computer, I am not sans yarn, nor ideas for all that yarn sitting in my bins.

One of the thoughts I had, in order to knit down my stash, was to pick a bin, any bin, and start knitting the yarn therein. There would be hats, scarves, sweaters, and I'm sure, some lace shawls. Probably regular shawls, too, since I know somewhere in that mishegas is enough yarn to make an alpaca shawl for someone.

The question is, would I be able to resist the siren call of new yarn? My penchant for Madeleine Tosh and Malabrigo might yet be my undoing. But if I could hold those purchases down a bit, maybe I might clear out some of the yarn I've been collecting for the last eight years. I know, eight years is probably nothing compared to some of the knitters I know. I know some people who have spare closets full of yarn they've been collecting for years. I have a few paltry bins. Still, if I didn't buy any more yarn, it would take me a few years to knit down my stash. Then I could start all over again!

Another thing I'd like to try to do this year is finish some of the outstanding projects I've got on the needles. I have at least six sweaters in various stages of completion. There's a hat I made for myself that just needs to be sewn up (I hate sewing seams, and in cotton it really tries my patience -- I need to move past the idea that this is penance for my sins). But I'd like to have some new(ish) sweaters for the cold weather, so if I can find them amidst all the bins of yarn (I think on of the bins is the Bin of Unfinished Projects), I might maybe get some of that done.

I did not finish my Christmas knitting. I know, bad knitter, no biscuit merino. I finished my nephew's hat this morning (and sewed in the loose ends on my niece's, even though I finished the knitting last week). I'll put them in the mail tomorrow. I have a friend's cowl on the needles, and I hope to finish it soon. I'll bring it with me to knit night tomorrow.

I keep thinking I'd like to learn how to make socks, but I know I'd suffer from SSS, Second Sock Syndrome. Maybe I can bribe someone to make them for me. Now there's a thought.

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