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Friday, January 4, 2013

On-Line Purchases

I have never bought yarn on-line. I've had the opportunity, but I've never availed myself of it. For me, buying yarn, even brands I know and have knit before, requires touching and smelling the yarn. Last week Webs had their annual end-of-year-sale. I couldn't make it out to Northampton this year, so I thought maybe I could get some good savings on-line. I dutifully went to the website, and even picked out a few skeins, especially of the lamented discontinued Cascade Pastaza. I couldn't do it. Even though I was pretty sure what I was getting, I wasn't able to buy the yarn without seeing it, touching it, and smelling it. And I know that Malabrigo and Madeleine Tosh yarns aren't always close matches, even when from the same lot. There are subtle variations.

I am rethinking what I am considering a stumbling block. I know that the Pastaza is something I like, and the colours listed are ones I have knit with before. But buying yarn is a sensuous and sensual experience. I don't get that experience when I buy things on line. Maybe next month I'll be able to admit that I've gotten yarn on-line. But for now, I can't do it.

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