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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hats for the Niece and Nephew

I've been meaning to post these forever, but haven't had the time to get a decent photo of them. Well, of my nephew's. They are knitted from Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca, and I improvised the design as I knit each row. They are, more or less, the same, except that hers was knit on US 6 and US 7 needles, and his was knit on US 7 and US 8 needles. I put them in the mail today. Thankfully we are in for another cold snap next week so they will get a bit of use out of them before the early spring.

This is Michela's hat. Her favourite colour is green.

This is Peter's hat. His favourite colour is red.

The two hats together. I didn't realize until now how much bigger Peter's hat is from Michela's.

I have not seen my niece and nephew for over nine years, since their father and I are estranged. He is the person who most makes me wish I were an only child. But I hope the kids like their hats and that they can get some use out of them before it gets too warm.

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