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Friday, August 19, 2011

Yarn Cataloguing

Because I have been saying for so long that I would do it, I finally began the Great Yarn Cataloguing Fiesta. I catalogued the first bin of my yarn. It went well. I have headings that include what brand of yarn, what fibre, how much it cost (not something I can always determine), where I got it (city, state, and store, if possible -- which is possible for most of the local yarns I own), weight, length, and its relative thickness (I have a propensity for worsted and chunky yarns). All was going swimmingly, when I opened the second bin and a small, light brown moth flew out. When my heart slowed down and I was able to breathe again, I choked back the desire to scream, rant, and swear in six languages (I only swore in four). I contacted Those Who Know, and was given much good advice:
  • Microwave the yarn for 2 minutes, in 30 second intervals
  • Freeze the yarn for two weeks, defrost, and freeze again
  • Use cedar chip sachets (made from the cedar chips people use for their pets)
  • Lavendar sachets
  • Sachets of 1 part rosemary, 1 part peppermint, 2 parts cloves
I'm going to try most of these. And I'm going to buy some big zip lock baggies to store any yarn that isn't already in a zip lock baggie.

And hope that I can salvage most of my yarn stash. 'Cause it not only represents a lot of money invested in this hobby, but a lot of time, energy, and thought, too.

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