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Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Yesterday we got slammed by Hurricane Irene. Except by the time it reached Boston Irene was a tropical storm, and aside from a few trees and branches falling, and some communities losing power, it was, more or less, a long and tiresome rainstorm. And what else can one do during a major rainstorm, with the subway not running, the stores and restaurants all closed, and the news blaring warnings about not going outside except knit? I pored through my stash, looking for a specific collection of skeins to make a shawl for Miz Marilyn. I bought the yarn last spring, thinking I'd get to it this summer, but the recent move from Somerville to Boston put the kibosh on any large projects I was contemplating.

I cast on and began to knit. Didn't like the needles.
Ripped it out, got different needles, and cast on again.
Wanted more stitches.
Ripped it out again.
Cast on a third time, and got about three inches of knitting done.

I. Don't. Like. It.

So tonight, when I go to Nine Inch Needles, I'll rip it out again, cast on again, and make what I thought of making the first time I considered this project, rather than the one I thought of with all the improvements.

Another thing I've done that makes me question my sanity is that I got more yarn to make yet another Brooklyn Tweed Noro Scarf. I have already made two of them. I gave away the last one because I was so annoyed with it be the time I was done that I didn't want to wear it. But the other day, whilst at my LYS, I saw some Noro Kenyon that would make a terrific scarf. I was drawn to it, I heard it call my name. but I needed two more skeins to make the scarf. Oh, look, listen! there were two other skeins of different colours calling my name. "Ken!" they called me, "buy us! Make us your Noro scarf!" Resistance was fulile. Befoe me I had Colour A, Colour B, and Colour C. So sometime this fall, I will again undertake a Noro scarf. Sometimes I wonder if I don't need medication.

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