This is mostly a knitting blog. Sometimes pictures of things I've made, sometimes not. I'm a guy who knits, I usually attend a men's stitch 'n' bitch on Monday nights, and I prefer natural fibres to artificial ones. I have a love-hate relationship with bamboo yarns: I love what they can do and how they look, I hate how they are made. I've been knitting since about 2003, though I really didn't get into it until 2005, while convelescing with a broken leg. I must have discovered something good, 'cause I'm still knitting years later.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Projects

You'd think that since I'm not working, I'd get more knitting done. But since I can't afford to pay my internet bill, I can usually be found in the library, tweaking my resume, looking for jobs, and wondering how I'm going to buy groceries next week. But despite all that, I still have yarn!

So I took out some projects I'd put aside for a bit.
  • I've started knitting the dragon double sided scarf again.
  • I've re-re-re-started Annie's Shawl in alpaca for Laura. While this is a kick-ass yarn, it's a bit too fuzzy for what I want to do with it. Also, concerning this pattern, I seem to have the dumb.
  • I've found the green dragon double knit thingy that I'm making for someone who likes green. And dragons.
  • I've picked up the (second) Noro striped scarf, and growled at it.
  • I found four of the several sweaters I have on the needles and said, "Oh, I really would like to finish these."
  • I've located the yarn for Marilyn's shawl (along with the yarn for Hal's scarf). I haven't actually started them yet, so they're technically not older projects I'm picking up again, but I did get the yarn for them a while back, and they are projects that are much on my mind.
  • I found the scarves I'd started five or six years ago for my niece and nephew (in Manos de Uruguay), and am wondering if they still like those colours (purple for her, blue for him, and when I started them, their ages were still in the single digits, which they aren't, anymore).
  • I've drooled over the three skeins of Cascade Epiphany that I've got, and don't know what to do with.
So I've got my summer knitting plotted out. Plus some holiday gifties that I have inchoate ideas for. Well, sort of. Jake's getting a new Tychus hat. Miz K is getting . . . someting, not sure what, yet. Miz G is also getting something . . . a scarf? Again, I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me.

Like a ton of bricks.

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