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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Draco Draconis Redux

Some time ago I did a test swatch for a double sided dragon in worsted weight yarn. It came out very well, but was too wide for a scarf, which is what I wanted to make in the first place. So I picked up some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, which is more of a DK weight, and began to knit the double sided dragon again. I put it down during midterms, and didn't pick it up again until last week. I am thoroughly enjoying double knitting, and this project in particular. It is coming along beautifully, and I've begun knitting the next dragon. Right now my plan is to make three dragons, put it on holders, and begin the other side of the scarf. When the dragons are done, I am thinking of a checkerboard pattern up between teh dragons, and then somehow, I haven't figured out yet, sewing the two sides together (if anyone has any suggestions how to do this in double knitting, I'd be happy to entertain them).

After this scarf is done, I've got some blue and yellow DK weight yarn that I'm going to use to make a fleur-de-lys scarf. I've been collecting fleur-de-lys patterns for a while now, and I'm really psyched about it.

I wonder if I could find a pattern to make a Florentine giglio?

Here are some photos of the scarf in progress. You can see the beginnings of the tail of the second dragon at the top of each photo.

The patter comes from Tina13 on Ravelry. You can see her page here, though this particular pattern is on page 3:

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