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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Progress Report, Double Knitted Swatch

So I've just passed the half way point in the test-swatch I'm making. I'm going to finish this, and use it as an objet d'arte, and give it to someone whom I know likes dragons very much. The scarf (and I just ordered the yarn yesterday!) will be done in yarn that is heavier than sport, but not quite DK, in baby alpaca. Same colour scheme. Though I will have to design the scarf and figure out how to get the symmetry that I want.

This is the black-dragon-on-red-background side.

This is the red-dragon-on-black-background side.

I really love double-knitting! And using a chart is challenging for me and making me stretch just a bit.
Again, this is not my design, and you can find the chart and other stuff about this at Tina13 on Ravelry.

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