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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's a New Year!

It's a new year, and I think one of the things I have to do (and not make a resolution to do it, because we all know what happens to resolutions) is organise my yarn collection. It's gotten really out of hand, and I can't find things that I know I have (like those three skeins of Mad Tosh DK in Lolita, which I'd like to knit up as a cowl for my friend Dolci). Aside from the fact that I am storing six bins of yarn in a friend's basement (really darlings, daddy still loves you!), I can't walk across my room without tripping on a skein of some yarn or other. It's gotten to the point where I'm actually dressing in the hall because I can't get around all the yarn. Oh, the humanity!

I guess this means I really need to knit my stash down. I really should, because I've got some pretty awesome yarns there, yearning to be knit up.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd bolluxed up the Milanese Loop Cowl I was making. I finally broke down and frogged it off the needles. I recast on, but this time the New Bittersweet Cowl, which is a faster knit. I'm more than half way through, and thoroughly enjoying it. Might even have it done before I leave for Pennsylvania next week!

I am also knitting the Ombre Cowl right now. In mink, because that's the way I roll. I would do it slightly differently next time (if I were making it for a man, which I am), and make the stripes of colour smaller than the 4.5 inches called for by the pattern. But this is what I've got, and this is what he's getting.

I'm thinking about the next projects. I need to finish Brad's sweater, my sweater(s), and Margaret's shawl. I want to make a cowl for Troy (my own design, and the yarn is already in my stash, about which the nice lady at the store said my colour choices were "inspired"), and William wants a scarf called Vitreous Humor, by Insubordiknits. It's kind of gross, in an 8-year-old-boy kind of way. I can't wait!

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