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Friday, November 7, 2014

Yarn in Summer (Winter thoughts) and Finished Objects

One of the things that constantly amazes me is that yarn stores tend to have a drop in sales during summer. Really? People don't buy yarn in the summertime? Then when the hell do they get their holiday knitting done? There are only 48 days til Christmas and I still have a cowl to finish and a scarf to start. The other projects need to be ready by mid January, so I have a bit of wriggle room there, but seriously, I've done a metric shite-tonne of knitting to have ready by the holidays, and if I hadn't bought yarn or knit during the summer, no one, and I mean no one, would be getting anything from me for Christmas this year.

Admittedly, I don't work on big projects like shawls or sweaters during the summer. I live in an apartment that lacks air conditioning, and I do not want 10 pounds of bulky weight yarn in my lap. Which is one of the reasons why I put the sweater I mentioned in yesterday's post aside for a few months. It was too damn hot to knit it. But now the cooler weather is here, and I don't so much mind a few pounds of bulky weight wool in my lap.


I have finished a pair of scarves for some friends of mine. I still  need to sew in the loose ends, but the knitting is done. I am not sure if I'll block these or not. I've made this pattern many times, but I've

 never tried to block it before. The yarn is Fiberspates Scrumptious. It is 55% merino and 45% silk. I think it will pill something awful, but it was the first time I've used this yarn, and it's soft, warm, and should keep the lads warm all winter. The red one is for Mike, the purple one for Tim.

With the completion of these scarves, I've only got to finish one scarf (yet to be cast on) and one cowl (almost halfway there!) for Christmas. Everything else will need to be ready by mid January, in time for the reunion. I have an entire week off after Thanksgiving, so I'll take several projects with me to New Orleans, find a congenial cafe in which to set up court, and knit the days away. No, I don't need to sight-see in New Orleans. This will be my 21st trip there, and there isn't much left for me to see. Might try to make another trip to see Marie Laveau's tomb, since it had been vandalised and was undergoing restoration when I was last there in September. But other than that, I've seen it all, and done most of it.

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  1. This is how I feel about Provincetown on my 7th visit here. I don't need to go round and see all the shops again. I just need to set up court somewhere, as you say, and KNIT!!! :)