This is mostly a knitting blog. Sometimes pictures of things I've made, sometimes not. I'm a guy who knits, I usually attend a men's stitch 'n' bitch on Monday nights, and I prefer natural fibres to artificial ones. I have a love-hate relationship with bamboo yarns: I love what they can do and how they look, I hate how they are made. I've been knitting since about 2003, though I really didn't get into it until 2005, while convelescing with a broken leg. I must have discovered something good, 'cause I'm still knitting years later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When I began writing this blog back in November (or was it October?), I really didn't have any plans further than it was going to be my knitting blog, where I talk about all things yarn and wonderful, patterns, projects, stash, knitting insecurities (I haz 'em!) and so on. Since I also have a LiveJournal account, I thought I'd keep my knitting stuff here, and not post knitting stuff there, except maybe to post a link to what's here. Haven't actually done that. In fact, if I post something here, like a picture of a WIP, I usually post it as well on FaceBook and LiveJournal. I have to figure this stuff out.

I'm up to sixteen followers now on this here knitting-blog-thingy. That makes me happy. Due to a dearth of comments, I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading it, but I reckon in the long run that doesn't matter. I'm still having fun writing it.

I moved my stash to the basement, in it's twelve big bins. It was taking up too much room, and now it is under the stairs to the basement. It means I have to travel downstairs to raid my stash, but hell, think of the exercise!

A friend of mine likes to design fake magazine covers, and this year he did one on hobbies. This is the cover he designed for me. The photo was taken by Jess.


  1. I am following, I read every entry and I think this mag cover is hilarious!

  2. This is awesome.