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Monday, May 9, 2011

So I'm no longer a student. I have successfully completed my master's degree in Library and Information Science, and am now looking for a job. Anyone need an Information Professional? This means, of course, that I will have more time to devote to knitting. I haven't gotten much done over the last few weeks, as the pressure to churn out term papers got ever greater. But the last class meeting of the term was on Saturday, 7 May, and I am pretty damn sure that I am done with gathering graduate degrees.

So, there is now time to knit. And I've got a lot of projects on the needles that are begging, just begging, to be finished. One is the Noro scarf, another the red/black dragon. Then there are the hats. And the sweaters. I sometimes wonder if I'm a multi-tasker, or just ADD. I am starting to think it is the latter. But now that I don't have to go to class in the evenings, I can do some knitting when I get home. Of course, tonight is Nine Inch Needles, my men's knitting group, and tomorrow there is an English Country Dance, and I haven't been to one of those since there was snow on the ground. And who knows what else will come up during the week?

For now, though, I have a lot of knitting to think about and to complete. The photo below is Lyle's scarf, in Cascade Eco-Duo, on size US 7 needles. It is the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, a link to which is below the picture.

The pattern can be found here:

I am having my doubts about using this particular yarn for this pattern, since the yarn is so fuzzy. But I am going to go ahead with it and finish it (and I'm not even half way there, yet). After blocking it the cables will pop and if it gets fuzzy, well, so be it.

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  1. When you say that the cables will pop, do you mean they'll be more pronounced?