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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Double-Knitting, Please

I have decided to get over my doldrums of feeling unchallenged by taking on a double-knitting project. I had done a couple scarves last year, one a Harry Potteresque striped scarf, and another a checkerboard scarf. While fun and interesting, I want something more of a challenge. So this morning, in black and red Lamb's Pride worsted weight, I cast on 80 stitches. Mind you, this is just a test swatch to see how it turns out. The pattern calls for 40 stitches (not including the border, which I may or may not do. Of course this means that it is awfully wide for a scarf, but I want to see how it turns out. If I like it, I'll make it a real scarf, and if it is just too wide, I'll felt it and turn it into a trivet and send it to a friend who really loves dragons. Or something like that. I don't have a picture of my own knitting, since I just got the first three rows done, but this is what it will look like when finished. If I do it right. This picture was taken from Tina13 on Ravelry, and I have provided a link to her page and the pattern.

This is by Tina13 on Ravelry.
A link to her Ravelry page is here:

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