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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why, we just have our hats

There is a story told of a traveler to Boston, who approached a Boston Brahmin matron, and, admiring her hat, asked, "Madam, where do you Boston ladies get your hats?" The great Boston lady stared at him uncomprehendingly, and replied, "Our hats? Why, we just have our hats."

I like to make hats. I like to wear them in the cold weather, and I like to give them away to friends, after asking them their favourite colour or colours. This month was supposed to have seen a reunion party for me and my two former housemates, Steven and Libby, to celebrate the fact that we are all pushing 50, to get together with each other and some friends from the days when  the three of us lived in the house we named Le Maison du Futon, after the futon sofa in the living room. My original idea was to knit a shawl for Libby and Steven each, in bulky alpaca. Then I figured I'd knit one for Steven's wife, Carlene. Then I realised that it would be nice to make something for Libby's husband, John. Then when we decided to invite some other friends from those days, I thought that hats or scarves for each of them would be a good idea. I can knit up a hat in a day or two so I didn't think it would be a problem.

Well, the shawls are all knit. The scarves are done, except for the blocking. And the hats. Five hats, all knit up, and ready to be worn as soon as the cold weather arrives.

I spent much of the summer knitting all these gifties. I didn't work, as I'd promised myself, on any of the sweaters I have on the needles, just waiting for me to finish them, so they can be worn when winter comes. And then Libby, a minister (did I mention Lib and Steven and I had all met up when we were in divinity school?) called to say that there was a pastoral need for her in her congregation the weekend we'd planned out party. Her next free weekend isn't until January, so the party is postponed. At least the knitting is done, and will be ready in January when we hold our reunion.

These are some of the hats I made for my friends.


Alexandra's Hat, pastaza, wool/llama blend
Brian's Hat, pastaza, wool/llama blend
Brad's Hat, pastaza, wool/llama blend
Seth's Hat, nashua, Italian wool
Some of the hats

Cynthia's hat, while done, was not photographed, mostly because I forgot to put it in my bag the day I took these pictures. I like making hats, since it's done quickly, I can play with the stripe patterns, and I can adjust the colours for the person who will be receiving it.

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