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Monday, May 16, 2016

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, 2016

This past weekend I traveled from New Orleans to Boston to attend the 40th New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. While I did many other things (visited my old knit-night group, went to a couple of favourite restaurants, saw many friends), this was my main reason for going.

Huw and Lisa and I arrived about 15 minutes after the festival opened on Saturday morning. First we watched a bit of the demonstration of the border collies herding the sheep.
The dogs waiting for a command from the shepherd. They were alert and ready for action.

The shepherd giving commands to the dogs, herding them into pens.
It was an interesting exercise, and we watched for about 10 or 15 minutes, but the yarn was calling us! We visited the usual suspects, Mad Color Fibers, Jan Marek Raczkowski, Dirty Water Dyeworks, and Good Karma Farms. At least one of our Triumvirate bought yarn at each of these vendors. One of the cool things is when vendors recognise you. Heather from Mad Color jumped up and gave me a hug, and Jan Marek shook my hand and gave me a huge smile. I was so happy to see these vendors and to be able to buy some of their gorgeous wares.
Jan Marek Raczkowski's yarns displayed at his stand. I bought some BFL.
Other vendors included Spring Pond Farm. I didn't get anything from her this year, but did in November. I took her card and when I have some more money, I shall order some of her yarns, especially the black undyed alpaca she has. And maybe some of this undyed cream, and make some black and white Fair Isle.

Of course there were beasties. Goats, and sheep, and alpacas.
Some Shetland Sheep.

Two newly shorn alpacas.
This is the first time I remember seeing lambs. This Clun Forest lamb is getting his dinner.
I always enjoy seeing the animals, and I always want to take them home with me. I reckon Huw's Landrover can fit a couple of alpacas. Oh, and watching them lie down from a standing position really brings home the fact that alpacas are camelids. They fall to their front knees, then lie down with their hind legs just like camels.

Of course I bought some yarn at the fair. This is it in aggregate. In another blog post, I'll talk about the yarns that I got, and why, and what I plan to do with them.
Some of this was purchased at the Stitch House, but all of it was acquired this weekend. And I know what is going to happen with at least 11 of these 14 items.

After all was said and done, we left the festival, after having been there for about five hours or more. We were tired. We were happy. We were laden down with yarn. I can't wait til next year!

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