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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From Boston to New Orleans

It is hard to write a knitting blog when one isn't actually knitting. The day after Christmas I packed a van, and the following day, along with two friends, left Boston to move to New Orleans. My friends have since returned home, and I am struggling (still!) to unpack everything I owned, most of which had been in a storage unit for four years. It is sort of like Christmas morning, as I have no idea what is packed away in each box. I own a lot of pottery, and it's good to be reunited with it, though some of it is going back into its wrappings, because honestly, what was I thinking when I bought the eighth pitcher? Sure, they're all beautiful, but I don't need that many hand thrown pitchers.

Knitting. I haven't picked up the needles in about two months,  now. I am only now beginning to feel the urge to knit again. I had stopped before the holidays because I was so tense from the impending move that I feared it would affect my tension. But now I'm in my new home, and while there is certainly a lot more unpacking that needs to be done, some of it has to wait until I can acquire a new bookcase. I own a lot of books, too. Along with Christmas ornaments. Really, I have to stop buying these things, or at least get a library card. Yarn isn't the only thing in which I indulge.

One of the nice things about living in this particular apartment, located in the Fabourg Marigny, is that I am only a very short block from Bornside Yarns. I've stopped in and visited (though I didn't buy, because I am short on funds and I realised, after moving it, just how much 30 or so bins of yarn really is). I don't think I need to buy yarn for a while, and Brandon has threatened to bring a rasher of bacon into the house for every skein of yarn I buy. I shudder to think what a sweater's worth of yarn would do, since this is a major threat to every kosher vegetarian. Still, it might be nice to knit my stash, rather than just add to it. And I do have a good collection of Madeline Tosh, which I can't buy down here, since no one carries it. Thank the knitting gods for Webs!

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