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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sweater in Progress

I spend a lot of time making things for other people. Sometimes I even make something for myself. Right now I have on the needles a sweater in a bulky yarn. Cascade 128, which apparently has been discontinued. I bought several bags' worth at the LYS a while back when it went on sale (half price! how could I resist?). I shall be able to make a sweater in brown, maroon, and olive. Right now the olive one is on the needles.

The first 10 or so inches of fabric for my new sweater. I'm using Yankee Knitter Pattern #30, though with the plain (rather than cabled) front. And, obviously, with ribbing rather than with roll. So far I've maintained gauage. I hope to finish the back panel (the one you see) this weekend, and get started on the front one soon. If there's enough yarn I'll make the maroon one with the cable up the front.

I have made several sweaters in my time, one for myself, one for a good friend, and one for the son of some friends of mine (yes, even though I made it a bit large, he was able to wear it for only one season before he outgrew it and passed it on to his cousin). I did make another sweater for myself, but got too fat to wear it (hey, grad school puts on the pounds!), but I've lost 40 pounds, so I think this one will fit me better. Even though I don't like sewing them together, I do like knitting sweaters. I should go through my bins and find the ones I've started but never finished. I think there are four, maybe five, of those. Now that I've lost weight, they might even fit.

And one of the best things about living in New England is our crisp falls and cold winters, just perfect for sweaters.

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