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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sheila's Hats

Sue has been my friend for over 30 years. We met in high school and were on the school's literary magazine, The Literary Review, together. Five months and 20 days older than I, she graduated the year ahead of me.

Recently Sue told me that her mother, Sheila, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and I immediately got into action. I've finished two hats, have two more on the needles, and plan two more after that. I also made her one of those big shawls that I call Bear Hug Wraps. I'm leaving in a moment to send her the hats and wrap.

I call this one the Easter Egg hat, because the colours remind me of a dyed Easter egg. It is Marisol Tula, 50% baby llama, 40% merino, 10% angora. Very soft, and a little quirky, like the woman who will be wearing it.

Ribbed for Her Pleasure. Cascade Eco Duo, 70% alpaca, 30% merino wool. This is so soft, warm and it is very splitty when knit. But it makes a very warm hat, and since it is just over 10 inches long, it can be folded double over her ears.

I will try to photograph the wrap and post it later. The other hats will be posted as I finish them.


  1. wow Ken, those look lovely! Well, all your stuff does. - xk

    1. Thanks, Kim. I've got one like the top one, but in orange and creamy white. I'm calling it Orange Creamsicle.